We are a small family business – 100% natural linen producers and in our shops we gather together unique and authentical works of craftsmen all around Lithuania. Each shop offers our natural linen products, as well as jewelery of the Baltic amber and brass, folk artist crafts, handmade ceramics, toys and a lot more authentic Lithuanian products. There is a little piece of our country traditions in each and every thing we offer.
All of our souvenir shops are based in the heart of Kaunas oldtown, Vilnius street.

A little bit more about who we are – our brand name is Irena fashion. We have started as a small family business and that is why we can guarantee that every our product is made with LOVE and carefulness. Each product we craft is unique. We are happy to offer you products made from nature. All our linen crafts are made ONLY FROM 100 % LINEN. One of the greatest advantages of linen is that it is very time-resistant and becomes softer and more comfortable with every wear. Even though it might look like an easily breakable material, linen is even more tear resistant than cotton.

You are more than welcome to visit our souvenir shops in Kaunas. Here are the places you can find them:

Laisvės al. 37, Kaunas


E-shop is still in development, if you are interested in our production please contact us by phone number.
Contact number: + 37061227010


Not sure where it is? Use a map:

Vilniaus g. 36, Kaunas, Lithuania
Work h.

Vilniaus g. 14, Kaunas